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Description:TITLE: Patient Services Representative (Front Desk / Operator)It is our goal to provide the finest Orthopaedic care possible. This philosophy requires that all office staff and providers be sensitive and responsive to patientsxe2x80x99 needs and preferences. To ensure that we hire and retain the quality of staff needed for implementing our philosophy of service, we have adopted the following job description for this position.The position requires that the employee be available forty hours per week, and that also the employee be flexible in his/her schedule to provide efficient service for the group. The employee however, will be expected to work no more than five days per week.Many of the responsibilities require that you have a working knowledge of computers and the ability to learn the proper use of the programs utilized in this office, or those that which may be necessary to meet the needs of the practice.The hours, pay scale, and benefits will be defined as agreed upon.BASIC FUNCTION:Under the supervision of the Patient Services Supervisor, the Patient Services Representative (Front Desk) shall be responsible to schedule and monitor their assigned physiciansxe2x80x99 schedules to ensure that their physicians are fully booked but also in accordance with the AOxe2x80x99s 20 minute wait time policy.RESPONSIBILITIES:Work is primarily performed in the Clinic located in Arrowhead Orthopaedicsxe2x80x99 offices. The duties of the Patient Services Representative (Front Desk) are of high volume, and the quality of duties performed is needed to be at a high level. The employee will come into contact on a daily basis with confidential patient files. The Patient Services Representatives (Front Desk) must be able to handle this information with the highest degree of privacy, discretion, and professionalism. The Patient Services Representative (Front Desk) is responsible for accomplishing the duties set forth below:Front Desk Activities (There may be other duties required of this position not listed below):1. Check in patients.2. Reschedule patients if necessary.3. Verify patients insurance by scanning proper documentation.4. Explain to patients our forms.5. Answer calls.6. Monitor waiting time.7. Call patients that requires hand carrying X-rays.8. Collect co-pays.9. Keep track of waiting time.10. Direct patients to proper location such as imaging center, hand center, PT and other offices when necessary.11. Route documents faxed to us and from us.12. Aid patients with special needs such as wheelchairs and other.13. Basic clerical activities.14. Comply with all HIPAA laws and regulations.Operator Activities (There may be other duties required of this position not listed below):1. Answer calls (with headset), and connect callers to the proper individuals.2. Direct patients to proper location such as imaging center, spine center, hand center, PT and other offices when necessary3. Comply with all HIPPA laws and regulations4. Occasionally must send messages to other staff5. Other tasks as set by the Supervisor RELATIONSHIPS:The Patient Services Representatives (Front Desk) should observe and conduct the following relationships:1. The employee shall be responsible directly to the Patient Services Supervisor. The employee shall report to the Patient Services Supervisor and his/her assignees any progress, reports, requests, concerns, problems, and/or expectations in relation to the responsibilities of the position. Such communication may be verbal or written as deemed necessary by the employee or as directed by the Patient Services Supervisor or his/her assignee.2. The employee shall interact with other office and clinical staff in the Practice. Such interactions should be collegial, professional, and contributing to the safety and pleasantness of the work environment at Arrowhead Orthopaedics.3. The employee shall interact with patients, medical groups, adjustors, nurse case managers, hospitals, and Primary Care Physicians and their offices. Such communication should always reflect the total commitment of the office to quality care and customer satisfaction. All communication should be professional and any unresolved conflicts are to be reported to the Patient Services Supervisor.Requirements:Skill Requirements:Education: High school diploma or equivalenceThe ability to type 40 words per minute.Skill in operating a computer and scanner, as well as software programs including Microsoft Outlook.Telephone etiquette, superior customer service, and professional communication skills are required.Must be flexible and able to multitask in a fast paced setting.Typical Physical Demands:1. Requires sitting and walking, with daily occasional stooping, reaching, and bending.2. Occasional lifting up to thirty pounds.3. Hearing must be in the normal range for telephone and personal communication.4. Requires manual dexterity sufficient to operate keyboards and other office equipment.

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